Ride the Wind – Team Building

Love your staff?  Want them to know?  Treat them!

Have a group that’s looking for a new Adventure? 

Got ya covered!

Celebrating any Event? 

Try a scooter rental and Scavenger Hunt Combo!!

The successful operations of most businesses depend upon good teamwork, so the challenge for management is to build teams that work well together and to motivate employees to achieve success together. In fact, high-performing organisations and businesses are basically about people working well together, and therefore effective team building should be a priority for anyone looking to achieve success in any business of any kind.

Picture this: A day outside on the south shore of Lake Simcoe, the sun is shining, your staff, friends, family or colleagues are smiling and laughing, smelling the fresh lake air, hearing the breeze and waves and exploring the scenic Lake Dr of Jackson’s Point while winding down past beaches and parks. Couple that while completing a challenging, historically based Scavenger Hunt.

Group Electric Scooters or Bicycle Rentals

Minimum of 6 people to qualify for group rate discounts.

Groups up to 12 (Scooters) can take it easy on a scooter or 20 (Bicycles)  to gain a little exercise.

Daily rentals are $56 for Scooters and $28 for Bicycles.

Scavenger Hunt and Rental Combo

3 Hour Scooter rental and Scavenger Hunt $49/person

3 Hour Bicycle rental and Scavenger Hunt $29/person

Competitive Scavenger Hunt

Our professionally built Scavenger Hunt is a challenging and team oriented task that explores the history of Jackson’s Point.  The intertwining path of riddles and puzzles takes your staff along our picturesque Lake Dr. and is about 18km long.  Play as a group or divide into teams making it a friendly competition.  $12 per person regular price.