Repairs & Parts


Repairs , Parts and Pick Up Service for Electric Scooters, Mobility Scooters and Bicycles

Bicycle Repairs

Tubes and tire changes are no problem. We do not specialize in Bicycle repairs.  If you bring us your parts, we can do replacements.  We carry all sizes of tubes for all our cyclists.  Smaller tires for children’s bike can be ordered in.

Need some air? Stop by anytime for a pump up and borrow any tools on hand. We’re here to help.

Tube and Tire Change $35.00
Tube Change $25.00

Electric Scooter Repairs

Fast and Reliable service and maintenance for your Ebike, Electric
Scooter and Mobility Scooters. Yearly tune ups, battery life checks, battery replacements.  We’ve got you covered.

We offer repairs, parts, pick up and delivery of most E-bike Brands and Mobility Scooter


Hourly Labour Rate: $50.00


Batteries, tires, tubes and chargers are always in stock for pick up.
If we don’t have what your looking for, we can get it! We source from
our many suppliers.


Need a pick up and drop off? No problem, we are equipped and we service
most of York Region and beyond.

Sutton $40.00
Keswick $50.00
Pefferlaw $55.00
Newmarket $60.00