The Inspiration

It all started on my honeymoon when we rented scooters and that experience ignited an overwhelming feeling of Nostalgia.
I couldn’t forget that memory and I want everyone else to be able to experience that feeling. Who doesn’t yearn for that feel good feeling.  #BringOnNostalgia

Who we are
We're a local family to the area and we just love it here. It's why we decided to open this business. It's beautiful, picturesque and has a lot of rich history. Our previous scooter ride made us realize that it's the best way to explore and this area needs the same option. There's nothing like smelling the fresh lake air, hearing the breeze and touring down Lake drive that is situated on Lake Simcoes south shore. Everyone should experience this! Every person who visits and supports our little shop is greatly appreciated.

Thank you from our hearts, we love what we do and we love Jackson's Point.

Awards & Nominations

Accreditation & Affiliations

  • Chambers of Commerce New Business Award Winner 2017
  • Nomination for Women is Business 2018

  • Board of Directors for the Jackson’s Point BIA
  • Board of Directors for the Chambers of Commerce

  • Board Member of the Georgina Toursim Committee
  • Member of the Chambers of Commerce